On-Demand CMO & Chief Strategy Officer

My strategy, marketing, channels, IT, manufacturing and software expertise spans 25 years of leading the growth, revenue and the next moves of many companies. As a peer to CEO’s, I am often a sounding board but more importantly I am someone who can listen, understand and advise. Strategy really is blending the science of growth with the art of having done it.

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About Rob Neumann


Being CEO is lonely. Having a peer can make all the difference. Leading change and growth can be painful and exciting at the same time. I plan the strategy, the key actions and then deliver that message internally and externally.

My background as an engineer and finance MBA give me real insight into your business problems. You will find less than 1% of CMO’s or Marketing Strategists with my quantitative background.

I’ve worked with all kinds of businesses over my career. I’ve worked with software, manufacturing, electronics, distribution, professional services, real estate, home builders, consumer goods and e-commerce, and many other organizations.

In my experience I have successfully led major strategic transitions, turned-around the growth for companies that were stagnant to down, helped 2 companies enter the US market from over seas, accelerated the trajectory of new companies and executed new go-to-market strategies.

Unique to my skill set is more than managing an advertising agency (I’ve run two) or looking at content strategy. I provide KPI management, analyze financial and sales data, look into inventory turns and marginal cost items, open distribution channels and can show you the data behind it. My strength is that I’ve been a CEO. I understand both the pressure and responsibility. I work with executive teams to provide results.

C-Level Strategy and Marketing

Digital Marketing and Lead Nurturing

National expert on CRM & MAS

Closed Loop Marketing

Full Campaign Strategy and Development

Technical Partnering and Channels

SaaS product management, analysis & sales

Fortune 100 Sales

Mobile application design and development

P&L responsibility

Workshops & Seminars Offered