Lead Funnel Evaluation

Find the blockages to conversion and increase the total sales of your organization by reviewing your lead flow. This starts at the top of the funnel. How many at the top will determine much of what you have at the bottom. But improving results at each stage of the funnel will also improve your results.

In this program, we’ll examine each step of your marketing and sales processes. This is an in depth mapping and analysis of how prospects interact with your brand and ultimately become customers. We’ll look at lead capture, nurturing, outbound and inbound processes all the way to the interaction with the sales people. We’ll take this information to develop the marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads being delivered.

The next step is to look at how many sales qualified leads you need in order to achieve your goals. We will work backwards to determine what each step of the funnel should be producing, as well as where improvement has to happen and the logical steps to take. This is a workshop that will pull your sales and marketing apart and then rebuild it ground up with where the problems are and then the steps to take.