On Demand or “Fractional” CMO Services

Executive strategy and marketing execution can come at a high price for a full time CMO. On demand services are a way for companies to get the expertise without the full time salary. This may involve reviews of your current marketing strategy as another pair of eyes, all the way to a full engagement of a part-time CMO. Hiring senior talent at a fraction of the cost, is a real benefit.

Being an On Demand CMO means working efficiently and leveraging both my experience and insight learned after years of working with clients. One of my key differentiators is that I have experience across disciplines that most marketing people do not. I’ve worked in manufacturing, engineering, finance, product design, advertising, marketing, channels, and of course sales. I’ve also done it in many industries such as Professional services, Energy, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, Software and more. This provides what I call the cross pollination effect. I bring ideas from multiple industries, disciplines and experiences you won’t get from another CMO; Nor do most of them have degrees in Engineering and Finance.

My services include:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Competitive strategy analysis using game theory
  • Thought Leadership / Content Development
  • Messaging
  • Digital strategy
  • Channel conflict and e-commerce transitions
  • Marketing enablement through systems and processes

  • KPI and reporting
  • Channel and partner management / development
  • Your Brand
  • Customer journey and personalization
  • Loyalty programs
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Enablement and Integration

I work hard getting marketing information to the key stakeholders who need it and finding ways to monetize the assets of the firm. My goal is not a full time job, I want to work myself out of the job. Enabling your people, creating growth and a repeatable process makes my clients self-sufficient. I will sometimes stay on as an occasional advisor if needed or desired.

I enjoy what I do because of the challenge, change and the new things I learn as well. Every engagement improves me, as well as my clients.